Loop quantum gravity portal

This section will in the future contain links to talks and other resources on loop quantum gravity.
  • Information for students interested in loop quantum gravity by Francesca Vidotto.
  • Norbert Bodendorfer's blog.

    Conferences and schools

    Past ones:

  • Loops 2013, Perimeter Institute.
  • 4th EFI Winter Conference, Tux, Austria, February 2015.
  • EFI Winter Conference, Tux, Austria, February 2013.
  • 13th Marcel Grossmann Meeting, Stockholm, Sweden 1-7 July 2012. There will be two LQG parallel sessions:

    QG1: Loop Quantum Gravity, Quantum Geometry, Spin Foams, chaired by Jerzy Lewandowski (Tuesday, July 3rd).

    QG4: Loop quantum gravity: cosmology and black holesm chaired by Jorge Pullin and Parampreet Singh (Friday, July 6th).

  • Zakopane School 2011, Feb 28-Mar 13.

  • Loops 2011, Madrid, Spain 23-28 May.

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    Supported by the National Science Foundation