FALL 2015

NOTE: All seminars will be held at 9:00 AM Central Time

DATESeminar TitleSpeakerInstitution
Sept. 1 Numerical investigations of the EPRL model Benjamin Bahr DESY
Sept. 15 3D Holography Bianca Dittrich Perimeter Institute
Sept. 29 Squeezed spin-networks and entanglement Eugenio Bianchi Penn State
Oct. 13 Loop Quantum Cosmology, Non-Gaussianity, and CMB anomalies Ivan Agulló LSU
Oct. 27 Intrinsic time in quantum geometrodynamics Eyo E. Ita US Naval Academy
Nov. 10 Developments on the radial gauge Jedrzej Swiezewski Univ. Warszaw
Nov. 24 On deparametrized models in LQG Mehdi Assanioussi Univ Warszaw
Dec. 8 Quantum symmetry reductions based on classical gauge fixings Norbert Bodendorfer Univ. Warszaw