FALL 2018

NOTE: All seminars will be held at 9:00 AM Central Time

DATESeminar TitleSpeakerInstitution
Sept. 25 4-volume in spin foam models from knotted boundary graphs Benjamin Bahr DESY
Oct. 9 Quantum Extension of Kruskal Black Holes Javier Olmedo LSU
Oct. 23 A unified geometric framework for boundary charges and dressings Aldo Riello Perimeter Institute
Nov. 6 Emerging Gravitational Waves from Spin Foam Model Zichang Huang Florida Atlantic U
Nov. 20 A holographic description for boundary gravitons in 4D Bianca Dittrich Perimeter Institute
Dec. 4 Quantum theory of charged isolated horizons Konstantin Eder, Hanno Sahlmann FAU Erlangen