FALL 2021

NOTE: All seminars will be held at 9:00 AM Central Time

DATESeminar TitleSpeakerInstitution
Sept. 7 Asymptotics of the Lorentzian EPRL model José Simao University of Jena
Sept. 21 How the cosmological constant q-deforms symmetries in LQG? Qiaoyin Pan Perimeter Institute
Oct. 5 Complex critical points and curved geometries in Lorentzian EPRL spinfoam amplitude Dongxue Qu Florida Atlantic University
Oct. 19 Arbitrary Precision Quantization of the Volume of the Simplest Grain of Space Hal Haggard Bard College
Nov. 2 Alternatives to cosmological inflation Robert Brandenberger Mc Gill University
Nov. 16 Homogeneous-isotropic sector of loop quantum gravity: new > approach Marcin Kisielowski Warsaw University
Nov. 30 Panel on quantum black holes Ahmed Almheiri, Abhay Ashtekar, Carlo Rovelli IAS, Penn State, Marseille
Dec. 14 Panel on the future B. Dittrich, S. Speziale, T. Thiemann, E. Wilson-Ewing Various