NOTE: All seminars will be held at 9:00 AM Central Time

DATESeminar TitleSpeakerInstitution
Jan 19 Slow roll inflation in LQG David Sloan PennState
Feb 2 Coherent spin networks Claudio Perini Marseille/Rome
Feb 16 Big bounce and inhomogeneities: a hybrid approach Tomasz Pawlowski CSIC, Madrid
Mar 9 Information loss in the CGHS model Fethi Ramazanoglu Princeton
Mar 23 Reparametrization invariance in discrete gravity Benjamin Bahr Albert Einstein Institute
Apr 6 Spin foams with timelike surfaces Florian Conrady Perimeter Institute
Apr 20 Curvature Jose Antonio Zapata UNAM Morelia
May 4 Black hole entropy: an SU(2) gauge invariant treatment Alejandro Perez Marseille