NOTE: All seminars will be held at 9:00 AM Central Time

DATESeminar TitleSpeakerInstitution
Jan 21st Matter matters in asymptotically safe quantum gravity Pietro Dona Sissa
Feb 4th A new vacuum for loop quantum gravity Bianca Dittrich Perimeter Institute
Feb 18th Quantum group spin nets: refinement limit and relation to spin foams Sebastian Steinhaus Perimeter Institute
Mar 4th Discussion on simplicity constraints in spin foam models Marc Geiller, Simone Speziale Penn State and Marseille
Mar 18th S-matrices for General Boundary QFT on Anti de Sitter spacetime Max Dohse UNAM-Morelia
Apr 1st Continuum limit and renormalization Laurent Freidel Perimeter Institute
Apr 15th Linking canonical and covariant LQG Antonia Zipfel Warszaw
Apr 29th LQC and the very early universe Ivan Agullo, Aurelien Barrau, Guillermo Mena LSU, Fourier U, CSIC, Madrid
May 13th Hawking radiation in LQG Jorge Pullin LSU