A file with the name "comp_amr_error.f" is required in each user-developed application. It is copied into the "had/src/amr" directory and used by the AMR driver when compiling. The "comp_amr_error.f" contains five routines, supplied by the user: The last three routines and their purpose are explained in the surface extraction documentation.

The apparent horizon finding utilities and routines are described in horizon manpage

The routine comp_amr_error can be used to specify a user-defined refinement criteria. If the shadow hierarchy is being used, this routine can be left empty. To create a user-defined refinement criteria, the pointers to all gridfunctions are passed to the comp_amr_error routine. The error gridfunction ( "gr_error" ) is initialized according to the user implemented criteria. Points in the error grid with values larger than the user specified error threshold parameter are flagged for refinement. The comp_amr_error routine is called every refine period.


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