The parameter dissipation controls which type of artifical dissipation to apply during a simulation: The dissipation operators are consistent with the summation by parts operators. Consequently, dissipation is applied when deriv_order = 2.
Other parameters associated with artificial dissipation: In many applications, artificial dissipation should not be applied to all variables. For those ufuncs to which artificial dissipation should not be applied, the key diss = 0 should be specified in the setup file behind the variable declaration. Example from setup file:
               D[diss=0], T[diss=0], P
In this example, ufuncs D and T are defined so that no artificial dissipation will ever be applied to them, regardless of the value of the parameters dissipation and sigma_diss. On the other hand, artificial dissipation can be applied to ufunc P.


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