The parameter ghostwidth only has an effect is parameter allowedl > 0. This parameter indicates the number of taper points in the AMR algorithm. Note that it does not control the number of ghostzones; parameter bound_width does that.

The idea of ghostwidth is to set it so that, using Method of Lines integration, points in the interior (that is more than ghostwidth points from the boundary) should be causally disconnected from the subgrid boundary.

For a refinement ratio of 2:1 and Runge Kutta 3rd order integration, ghostwidth should be 6. If the user changes the order of time integration or the refinement factor ( controlled through parameter refine_factor ), ghostwidth would also have to be modified accordingly.


See Also

bound_width, refine_factor, runge_kutta_type, amrbound_prepost, amrbound_timealign

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